Serena Williams Debuts 2012 Australian Open Nike Tennis Dress In Melbourne

Last Thursday, Nike Tennis and Serena Williams debuted her dress for the 2012 Australian Open.

When I first brought to you a sneak peak of Serena’s Australian Open dress back in December, I felt a little underwhelmed by the design. And now looking at it in person… I still feel the same way.

Serena Williams

There isn’t anything particularly special about the dress’ dresign and I’m not that huge of a fan of the shade of blue chosen for the dress. It’s a little too much on the purple side of the spectrum for my tastes. But, what do I know? It’s not like I don’t know fashion or what looks good on Serena…

I will say this however… The dress does make Serena look fierce. The vertical piping on the bodice really accents her ridiculously fit figure. I mean, have you seen the woman’s mid-section? Get it right, get it tight honey.

Hopefully, she maintains this fitness throughout 2012 – that would only mean more tournaments and more titles!

Nike is also celebrating it’s 40th anniversary of being in tennis. As part of Serena’s presentation of her dress, Nike also displayed every other Nike Tennis dress that Serena has worn when winning the title down in Melbourne. When Serena took to the mic to detail to the press how she (meaning the Nike Tennis creative design team) came up with the design for her 2012 Australian Open, the concept was pulling from the past or in her words “going retro.” …Which I just take as them as recycling old ideas – but that’s fashion for you!

Serena took a moment to describe how her style has changed over the years. When she first started with Nike, her outfits were very “fun and outgoing” which (if you can recalled) translated into a lot of cut-outs and denim on the court… How I miss that Serena. Her style now she says is conservative, but not boring.

Serena’s 2012 Australian Open look is reminiscent in it’s structure to her 2004 Wimbledon dress which is one of Serena’s all-time favorite Nike dresses. It has a similar gladiator-type structure with its vertical piping on the bodice, short pleats along the skirt, and strong wide stripes.

Check out each Nike Tennis dress Serena has sported whenever she won the Australian Open below:


My personal favorite would honestly have to be the dress Serena wore in 2009. The proportions and cut of the dress were so perfect for Serena’s body and frankly would be flattering on every woman out there no matter the shape.

Which Nike Tennis dress was your favorite when Serena took the title in Melbourne?