2010 Davis Cup Final: Starring Novak Djokovic

This time of the year it is rather quite on the tennis front.  Let’s be honest, after the US Open, almost all tennis fans fall asleep and return to hibernating in the warmth and comfort of their indoor tennis facilities.  Unless you subscribe to the TENNIS channel, then you’ve probably been ignorant to the fact that some fabulous tennis has been going on.
Check out this highlight reel of the epic Federer–Nadal ATP World Tour Final.The one final event taking place is the Davis Cup Final. (Seriously, who really cares about Davis Cup?) France and Serbia are duking it out for a trophy that looks a lot like the Stanley Cup trophy.  Serbia has recently leveled the score at 1-all after Novak took the 2nd rubber against Gilles Simon.  Gael Monfils topped Janko Tipsarevic (who is one of my favorite tennis tweeters and tweeters overall) in the first rubber.  Next up will be the doubles rubber.

If you don’t care for Davis Cup, much like me, what reason do you have to pay attention to the tennis. One thing: Novak Djokovic’s clothing. Yes. Do whatever you have to. YouTube it. Google images. Anything.  If you recall, not to long ago did we all see Novak wearing his “signature” Sergio Tacchini line of dragon tattoo-themed tennis gear. THANKFULLY, that was the last time the line would be seen.  Any tattoo-themed clothing warn on the court needs to be burned.  This whole dragon-theme reminded me of Serena William’s 2006 US Open dress, another Far-East inspired outfit.

Novak has traded in the dragon for a classier and much cleaner tennis outfit for the Davis Cup Final against France.  It’s cleaner, and the distribution of color on Novak’s body is much more flattering.  Let’s just hope those dragon shirts never return.